Let me, first of all, introduce myself.  My name is Maria and I am EVERY GIRL and EVERY GUY out there who thought it couldn't be done.

I was the very (very) thin pre-teen who turned into the chunky teen, while my friends retained their beautiful slender figures.  Then I was the chunky young woman, hours in the gym before and after work, eating whatever was in front of her. Then at times not eating much at all ....  And thinking I was doing myself a great favor! I turned into the middle age woman who still carried the same weight on the same places, still spent the same long hours in the gym (I even became a fitness instructor).  Always thinking about what I had eaten... Will I be fatter tomorrow?

I have hated my reflection in the mirror for years!

And right before my 44th birthday my son gave me P90X! Now this is who I have become!  As of today I have completed eight Half Marathons, two full Marathons and I am training for my third Marathon in 2014.

FASTFORWARD to 2018!! - By now I have ran 5 marathons, and about 14 half-marathons (I don't keep count anymore.) RUNNING IS LIFE!