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◊◊◊Calorie CounterCalorie Counter - My Fitness Pal:

The best tool to keep up with your exact calorie intake! There are many other websites as well. This was my first and I stuck with it for over a year.  I just could NOT have done it without it.
Now there is an iPhone app for it.  Quite an amazing too, getting better and better too!
Click this link to see my daily food log

◊◊◊ GPS Assisted Activity (Run, Walk, Bike...): - Get the APP too!

◊◊◊ Calories Burned WALKING

◊◊◊ Calories Burned per Activitiy: With an incredible huge listing of activities.

◊◊◊ Calories burned per Activity ( Another source, also per activity.

◊◊◊ Are you an iPhone user?  If so, you should download the Restaurant Calorie Counter by Euliax, Inc. and also the Nutrition Menu - Calories, Exercise & Weight Tracking by Shroomies. Then go out to eat and find the caloric information you need in either of these two apps!  No more guessing what's hiding in those menus.